We’d love to introduce you to the Flowerdale Estate Team!

Flowerdale Estate Team - Claire, Maria, Denise
Flowerdale Estate Team – Claire, Maria, Denise

Denise is our gorgeous country gal.

Denise is a wife to a dedicated Truckie & a terrific mum to a teenage boy. She also cares for 4 horses and (an overly affectionate) border collie called Mambo. Denise lives on a stunning country property in nearby Kinglake.

Denise joined the Flowerdale Team about 5 years ago. She brings along much valued local knowledge, an eye for EVERY SINGLE DETAIL as well as some very delicious dips and crispy biscuits for lunch nearly every day!

Flowerdale Estate Couple Wedding Photo
Flowerdale Estate Couple Wedding Photo

I love being here at Flowerdale Estate on wedding days and watching the day unfold. It’s wonderful to see our couples say “I Do” at the end of the aisle, then start the next chapter of their life together. To see all their months of planning come together is very exciting and I’m so happy to be a part of these very magical moments.”

Flowerdale Estate is like a second home for me. The homestead, pavilion and grounds are just stunning. I’m in awe every day when I drive through the gates. 

I’m proud and grateful to be part of the Flowerdale Estate family and work in such a special, magical place

– Denise

Claire is our energetic, go-getter!

Claire arrived at Flowerdale Estate 3 years ago, bringing loads of experience as a conference and events planner for high-profile city venues.

Claire is a beautiful mum to 2 gorgeous Primary School girls, who BTW both love a day off school in the office with her too! She is a high energy, very modern, and so much fun to have around the Estate.

She’s a tiny thing but sits at the largest desk in the office. (We even sometimes find she’s hiding Lucy the Border Collie, or Albus the Estates Maremma, asleep under her mammoth desk!)

If there’s one thing Claire loves, it’s being involved in planning something special. She has a great eye for detail, loads of fabulous ideas, and can whip up a running sheet that Brides and Operations Managers only dream of!

Sarah and Scott Flowerdale Estate Wedding Previews
Sarah and Scott Flowerdale Estate Wedding Previews

Greeting our couples for the first time, and feeling them relax as we take a walk around, is such a great feeling. It is so exciting to be at the beginning of what becomes a personal and unique relationship between 2 people and their wedding coordinator. The trust our couples instil in us is not something to take lightly.

Getting to know each of you, generally over an 18 month to 2-year period, and learning all about your wedding dreams can be the best part of my job. From those 50+ initial questions-down to sending you photos of our arbour roses a few days prior, the relationship that we build is something quite special to me

– Claire
All Flowerdale Estate Team Members
All Flowerdale Estate Team Members

Maria our Pocket Rocket

Maria is the one that ensures weddings go to plan. That every last detail is tied up, nicely, in a bow, in fact! There’s never a job too small or too big for Maria. She’ll be your confidant, supporter, encourager and most probably, a long-term friend.

Nobody does it quite like Maria.

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