Gracie’s Restaurant: A Culinary Gem in VIC

Gracie’s is a local produce restaurant popular among food and nature lovers. It is located in between the Yarra valley and Macedon Ranges and is part of a historic homestead within the Flowerdale Estate.

From the upcountry and homely feel of its 60-seat dining space to the panoramic views of the open-air deck, Gracie’s invites guests to enjoy all that the Valley of 1000 Hills offers. The restaurant’s diverse menu reflects the region’s fresh and flavorful produce, which is sourced organically and sustainably.


Chef Dominic Grundy leads the kitchen at Gracie’s Restaurant. His philosophy of crafting seasonally-led dishes with simple, bold flavours sets the stage for a dining adventure that transcends the ordinary. In the sections below, we’ll discuss more about Gracie’s menu options and why this restaurant is the perfect spot to celebrate food, nature, and the timeless beauty of Victoria’s countryside.

The Farm-to-Fork Produce behind Gracie’s Restaurant 

Every consumer who prioritises taste and health values farm-to-fork produce due to its quality and freshness. As the market continues to emphasise sustainability, the demand for locally sourced ingredients and in-season produce is increasing. Here’s how Gracie’s Restaurant stays on top of the quality and sustainability game in today’s food and hospitality market. 

Commitment to Local and Seasonal Produce

Gracie’s Restaurant prioritises local produce. This helps support local businesses and also ensures that the food meets the highest quality standards. Gracie’s restaurant also grows some vegetables and herbs to supplement what is sourced from the nearby small scale farmers. Here is how Gracie’s is committed to empowering local farmers and upholding sustainable farming practices.

  • Local Sourcing Philosophy: Local produce is often harvested in season and at its peak ripeness. Their proximity to the market also reduces the time between harvest and consumption, resulting in fresher ingredients that retain rich texture, flavour, and nutritional value.
  • Solid partnerships with local businesses: As part of its emphasis on sustainability and a predictable supply chain, Gracie’s Restaurant has partnered with reputable local companies and farmers. One is Victory Meats, a local boutique butcher whose meats are HACCP-certified and align with Gracie’s dedication to serving ethically sourced foods. Others are Wild Crust Bakery, which specialises in sourdough loaves.

By establishing relationships with local farmers and artisans, Gracie’s has direct communication and insight into how its food is produced. This helps foster trust and transparency throughout the sourcing process and ensures high-quality standards are maintained. 

Michelin-Star Experience in the Heart of Victoria

Chef Dominic Grundy

Under the guidance of Chef Dominic Grundy, Gracie’s Restaurant embraces a culinary philosophy rooted in simplicity and a commitment to sourcing local and seasonal produce.

Chef Grundy’s background reflects a rich experience, having trained under esteemed chefs like Michel Roux Jr. at Le Gavroche and worked at renowned establishments across England and Western Australia. This diverse background makes his signature dishes unique, and informs his emphasis on seasonally-led dishes that celebrate the natural flavours of each ingredient.

As noted earlier, the restaurant maintains close partnerships with local suppliers to ensure that every dish served reflects the freshness and quality of the surrounding landscape. Some of the signature dinner dishes include the Murray Cod Fillet and the Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets glazed with honey & fig. Each serving, whether it is desserts or the main meal, tells a story of the region’s rich culinary heritage.  

The chef’s commitment to seasonal specialties also extends beyond sourcing local ingredients to crafting dishes that capture the essence of each season. From the flavours of the Sliced Australian Prosciutto to the warmth of the Homemade Potato Gnocchi, Gracie’s menu evolves with the changing seasons, offering you and your guests a taste that reflects the rhythm of nature.  

Menu Highlights and Seasonal Offerings

Gracie’s Restaurant serves all meals, from breakfast and lunch to 3-course dinner (we’re not open to the general public for breakfast – only for overnight stayers) . On selected Sundays, you can try High Tea Melbourne, VIC to enjoy three tiers of sweet and savoury sensations. Here, you can choose from a selection of herbal and organic teas or treat yourself to a glass of Prosecco and Pimm’s & Lemonade. 

For lunch and dinner, there are several dishes on the menu. Popular servings include:

  • Confit Chicken Salad: This is a refreshing banh mi salad featuring gem lettuce, chilli, pickled carrot and fish sauce. It also comes topped with tender pieces of confit chicken.
  • Broadford Devine Mushroom: Enjoy a savoury delight of garlic, cep cream, and parsley leaf salad served on charred sourdough bread.
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breast: Taste the richness of Broadford Devine Mixed Wild Mushrooms and cavolo nero cabbage. This is complemented by a chicken sauce, wrapping the chicken breast in a flavorful bite. 

It is worth noting that most of these dishes are marked as vegetarian (V), vegan (VE), or gluten-free/dairy-free (GF/DF). 

Supporting Local Victorian Producers

Gracie’s is one of the regional restaurants in VIC that works closely with local farmers, businesses and food artisans to source high-quality produce. Here are some of the local enterprises that have partnered with Gracie’s Restaurant:

Brave Goose Winery 

This winery is run by second-generation owners Nina and John, who are committed to producing premium wines. Their boutique winery was established in 1987 and has a history of quality and sustainable farming and production processes. 

Atriem Farm – Tallarook 

The farm specialises in producing high-performing Murray Grey Cattle for the commercial beef industry. The farm owner, Stephan Koch, has placed a greater emphasis on raising cattle with the best carcass quality, fertility, and temperament scores.    

Limestone Pork 

This farm mainly keeps four breeds of free-range pigs: Duroc, Large White, Landrace, and Berkshire. Limestone Pork is committed to ethical and sustainable farming practices and has been in business since 2011. The owner’s dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship resonates with Gracie’s ethos of supporting responsible farming methods and offering guests responsibly sourced products. 

Beyond the Plate: Events and Initiatives 

Gracie’s Restaurant offers a diverse range of experiences designed to create unforgettable memories. From traditional Sunday High Teas to intimate private dining events, Gracie’s offerings cater to various occasions. The ideal setting, but it also provides picturesque venues, tailored menus and special set packages for varied groups of people. Dining at Gracie’s is a joyful casual experience, thanks to the warm ambience and the friendly staff who will make your visit a memorable experience.

Something to note is that every offering features some locally sourced ingredients. Whether you are enjoying High Tea, celebrating a milestone with colleagues, having a corporate retreats, or enjoying a private picnic or event, each experience at Gracie’s reflects a dedication to culinary excellence and personalised hospitality. Additionally, you can schedule a delightful lunch, dinner, or celebration with your loved ones to enjoy a fun time together. Book your reservations today for an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.