Flowerdale Estate | High Country – Pupul and Goce’s wedding

📸 Neil Hole Wedding Photography 

Back when the sun was shining at Flowerdale Estate, High Country, the fun and gorgeous couple Pupal and Goce created their wonderful day. There was so much love for this outdoor rustic wedding *feels*.

Pupul and Goce’s wedding was just the most gorgeous fun-loving day.

The bridal party was full of joy and the day flowed with lots of laughter and so much love!

The day began loud and was pumped with lots of energy. Goce’s, coming from a Macedonian background meant the party was just beginning. Furthermore, experiencing all of the traditions; from greeting guests, baking bread, smashing of the glass! Followed by lots of food, dancing, and shots!

The ceremony took place in a beautiful, quaint bluestone church (St Petka) located in Mill Park.

After the I-Do’s the wedding party headed our way for their reception. The high country in the Yarra Valley. We could see everyone soaking up the Estate and we welcomed everyone. It was a stunning Outdoor rustic wedding!

Guests were surrounded by the rolling hills and picturesque landscape. Not to mention their fur-babies!

All guests were treated with icy cold drinks and misting fans to keep them cool as they waited for the newlyweds to arrive.

The day headed into the evening and some pretty amazing food was served.

It was then for some heartwarming speeches and more tradition dancing (and drinks)!

A guard of honour was formed by the guests as the horse and carriage clip-clopped around the lake to make a grand entrance for Pupul & Goce to meet their guests.

Thank you so much to this gorgeous couple for choosing Yarra Valley wedding venues at Flowerdale Estate and sharing their special day with us.

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