Sustainable, Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas at Flowerdale Estate

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, but it can also be one of the most wasteful – tossed paper goods, excess food thrown away, and leftover flowers dumped in the bin. By considering eco wedding ideas and featuring small changes, they can really make a major impact.

You don’t need to sacrifice the beautiful things about a wedding to keep your day sustainable. You may even save some money too!

Here are a few ideas we’ve found as well as some of our own personal recommendations that have worked wonderfully at Flowerdale Estate.

1. Choose local Australian grown flowers

Supporting our local florists helps Australia’s economy grow. With so many options of native flora and fauna, there’s really no need to import flowers. Also, remember that climate plays a part in the choice of arrangement. Flowers that may work well in Melbourne may not be suited to the tropical climate of Cairns.

flowerdale estate local Australian grown flowers

We have also found that you don’t need copious amounts of flowers, minimal can actually be more effective. A stunning display of local flowers and foliage spread across an arbour is all you need if you’re wedding is outdoors amongst nature.

2. Confetti

Recently Flowerdale estate team posted a fantastic way to make sustainable confetti and it pretty much went viral!

Flowerdale Estate Instagram Post on Making sustainable confetti
Flowerdale Estate Instagram Post on Making sustainable confetti

Although this could be quite a time consuming, it’s a great way of getting your bridal party together (over some bubbles perhaps!)

Video Credit: Website: www.mothernatured.com

Raining Hearts Australia make 100% Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Leaf confetti.

Leaf confetti is the perfect alternative to plastic confetti. The good news about leaf confetti is that outdoor venues loves leaf confetti and most councils are happy to have it in their parks. So, it’s a win, win!!

Raining Heart Australia

3. Australian made Gowns

Purchasing an Australian wedding gown is not only a great choice in supporting our local designers, but wow, there are some gorgeous dresses to choose from. We are spoilt for choice with Australian made designs and dressmakers from all over Australia.

You could even choose a second-hand dress! There are many online marketplace places for second-hand dresses.

4. No cake waste!

One way of ensuring that no cake is left over is to provide paper bags or little cardboard boxes for them to take everything home.

flowerdale estate no cake waste paper bags

5. Recycled paper invitations

Ask your invitation maker to use recycled paper to print out your invitations to save wasting paper or even better send a digital invite!

6. Sustainable favors

We were very excited to see these sweet favors that Tasmin + Jay had at their wedding! 🌱🌿

What a fabulous idea! Not to mention that with attention, love & care (for the plant) it will be a reminder of their special day to friends & family for years to come.

7. Choose your diamonds wisely

Have you thought about going vintage? Instead of heading to your nearest jeweller, consider reusing or recycling a ring. 

Propose with a family heirloom, you could even melt down gold and refine it! If you do choose a bespoke jeweller, ensure they work with ethical diamonds.

8. Choose an outdoor space

This is a great way to be one with nature on your wedding day!

Flowerdale Estate Eco-Friendly Outdoor Wedding Venue
Flowerdale Estate Eco-Friendly Outdoor Wedding Venue

Rolling hills, country landscape are all stunning spots to say, “I do.” You’ll save on your energy usage by cutting down on the amount of lighting you’ll need. Not to mention all the natural light will result in beautiful photographs! No need to spend money on access décor when the great outdoors does the trick!

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