Best Time to Visit Flowerdale, VIC

Flowerdale Estate is a beautiful conference, wedding and accommodation venue located in Strath Creek, a picturesque pocket of regional Victoria known as The Valley of a Thousand Hills. The location is nestled between the Yarra Valley and Macedon Ranges and sits amidst the region’s cultural heritage, diverse regional cuisine and scenic landscapes.

Planning on a visit to this part of regional Victoria? Let’s unravel the seasons — from crisp winters to sun-kissed summers—so you can curate the perfect adventure!

Flowerdale Estate Luxury Glamping Eco Tent

Climate in Flowerdale

Autumn (March-May)

During the autumn months, the air becomes crisp, and trees put on a dazzling display of colours as they get ready for the colder months ahead. As the season progresses, the temperatures get cooler, and the leaves eventually fall off the trees. You can expect occasional rainfall during autumn, so it’s advisable to plan your trips accordingly.

One of the places you can visit during the autumn months is the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve, located 30-minute drive southeast of Flowerdale Estate. Some fun things to do include bushwalking, bird watching, picnicking, fishing and marvelling at the magnificent waterfalls. You can also take a scenic autumn drive to nearby towns such as Marysville and Alexandra, where you’ll enjoy the best views of the adjacent valleys, vineyards and deciduous poplar trees with their distinctive triangular leaves.

Chilly Winter (June-August)

During the winter months, the rugged beauty of the Yarra Valley and the Macedon Ranges provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor adventures, with opportunities for birdwatching, bushwalking, and spotting native wildlife. Flowerdale Estate is also a convenient stop for snow lovers travelling to the snowfields in the High Country.

Strath Creek experiences chilly mornings and clear days during winter, one of the best times to explore the region’s culinary delights. Gracie’s restaurant at Flowerdale Estate offers a warm and inviting retreat from the frost and ice-cold weather. After a day of exploring the picturesque surroundings, you can unwind by the fire and savour the incredible flavours of the region.

Spring (September-November)

As the weather begins to warm up from early September, plants come to life once again, painting the landscape with vibrant colours and fragrant blossoms.

During spring, the daytime temperatures range between 18°C and 22°C, gradually reaching a peak of about 24°C by November. You can expect mild and occasional showers towards the end of the spring season. This mild weather also allows you to visit nearby hiking spots like the Yea River walking Track and the Strath Creek Falls, among other attraction sites.

Due to the cool weather and abundant life breaking from winter hibernation, Spring is the perfect time to hike the trails and witness a vibrant display of floral beauty. This is also the best time to sample local foods and drinks and explore photography opportunities.

Summer (December – February)

Summer is one of the busiest seasons at Flowerdale Estate with favourable weather conditions characterised by mild temperatures of around 27°C to 29°C (daily mean). The sun-drenched days offer endless opportunities for exploration, fun and adventure, from leisurely walks and full-day events to full-day hikes.

The rains are also rare during these months, with January and February being some of the driest months in the area.

Since most attraction sites are within driving distance from Strath Creek, you should organise transport services in advance. Some of the best places to visit during summer include the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve, ideal for bushwalking, camping and bird watching as well as the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre where you can learn about the history and culture of Strath Creek and its adjacent areas.

If you love cycling, the Great Victorian Rail Trail allows you to explore country pubs, local art galleries, and outstanding eateries at your own pace.

Summer is also an ideal time for wedding events, and Strath Creek is an area popular for destination weddings. If you are planning a wedding and would love a serene wedding venue that offers a magical reception experience, exquisite dining and luxury onsite accommodation, Flowerdale Estate, located between the Yarra Valley and Macedon Ranges, is the ideal place to be.

The Best Time to Visit Flowerdale

Flowerdale Estate

Whether you are visiting this pocket of regional Victoria to explore the region’s natural beauty and culture or wishing to host an event at Flowerdale Estate, each season has its own unique charm. The best time to visit Strath Creek should be guided by your unique travel schedule and the region’s weather patterns.

Besides summer and autumn, winter is another great season for visitors looking to enjoy the quiet and serenity of Strath Creek. During the winter months, there’s less traffic, plus you can explore winter hiking opportunities and sample a variety of local foods and drinks.

It’s worth noting that winter weddings have their beauty, too. At this time of the year, The Pavillion can be set as a beautiful indoor-outdoor ceremony space for cold and rainy days.

Ready for your trips? Create an unforgettable wedding weekend in Flowerdale Estate!

Booking Your Stay at Flowerdale Estate

Whether you are visiting for a day, a leisurely weekend or an extended stay, Flowerdale Estate offers an array of accommodation options.

From romantic stays in the Homestead’s North and Garden Suites, family stays in The Guest House and for a couple stay immersed in nature, the luxury Glamping Eco Tent awaits. Contact our friendly team to check room availability and reserve your room before you travel.