Eco-Friendly Wedding: A Practical Guide to Planning Your Sustainable Wedding

In an era where sustainability takes centre stage, the concept of eco-wedding is becoming increasingly popular. Flowerdale Estate, located in regional Victoria between the Yarra Valley and the Macedon Ranges, offers a great venue for couples to celebrate love. 

As advocates for environmental stewardship, Flowerdale offers an idyllic setting grounded in nature and perfect for those seeking to exchange vows in style. With its picturesque surroundings and unwavering dedication to sustainability, this estate invites you to embrace the splendour of an eco-friendly celebration. Here, every moment reflects a love story that overflows to Mother Nature.


What Is an Eco-Friendly Wedding?

The concept of a sustainable wedding revolves around conscious choices that reduce carbon footprints, conserve resources, and support local communities. Unlike traditional weddings, eco-friendly ceremonies and receptions often incorporate elements such as ethically sourced materials, renewable energy sources, and zero-waste practices. 

Couples who prefer an eco-wedding, for example, may opt for eco-conscious attire or decorations made from recycled or upcycled materials. Additionally, transportation arrangements may include carpooling or utilising eco-friendly vehicles. By upholding eco-friendly principles, weddings not only become celebrations of love but also opportunities to advocate for environmental stewardship.  

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding 

Planning an eco-friendly wedding takes effort, time, and strategy. One of the key aspects to prioritise includes selecting a venue that embraces sustainability practices, such as recycling programs and energy-efficient facilities. Couples should also prioritise locally sourced materials and catering services that minimise carbon footprints. Here’s a quick overview of the things to consider if you want to make your wedding eco-friendly.

Sustainable Venue Choices 

An eco-friendly wedding venue embodies sustainability through various features and practices. For instance, you can opt for premises or spaces that utilise renewable energy sources or promote waste reduction. Additionally, choose venues with natural surroundings and native landscaping to minimise environmental impact. Thus, it also has the benefit of providing a picturesque backdrop for your celebration. 

Eco-Friendly Décor and Floral Arrangements

Another way to make your wedding more sustainable is to reduce waste through the use of reusable and biodegradable materials. Opting for locally sourced décor elements and seasonal flowers is another way to minimise carbon emissions. The use of potted plants and succulents also promotes long-term sustainability.

Sustainable Catering Options 

One way to incorporate sustainable catering into your wedding is to prioritise plant-based and locally sourced ingredients. Our Head Chef changes the wedding menu seasonally depending on what he can source from local suppliers. When we opt for seasonal produce and locally grown foods, we help support local farmers and further reduce emissions associated with long-distance food sourcing.   

Choosing organic and ethically sourced ingredients also ensures that environmental and social considerations are prioritised throughout the supply chain. You can embrace sustainable catering from appetisers to entrees and desserts and help align with eco-conscious values, which helps enhance the overall dining experience for guests. 

A menu that reflects a commitment to sustainability will also inspire others to make more environmentally friendly choices and contribute to a healthier planet. That said, thoughtful decisions about catering create a wedding celebration that not only honours the big day but also preserves nature and its resources for generations to come.

Tips and Ideas from Successfully Green Weddings

Reducing your wedding’s carbon footprint is a great way to impact the environment positively. Here are a few tips and ideas you can borrow to go green during your wedding event successfully:

  • Minimise Food Waste: Work with the venue and event organisers to reduce food waste by opting for plated dishes over buffets. You can also use reusable plates and dishes to minimise waste generation.
  • Donate Safe Leftover Meals: To go green fully, ensure leftover meals are safely donated by coordinating with the event organisers to support local charities or initiatives that distribute excess food to those in need. This contributes to both environmental and social sustainability.
  • Offset Carbon Footprint: Reduce the event’s environmental impact by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from guest travel. You can do this by taking part in a tree-planting exercise or by simply donating some cash to a tree-planting non-profit committed to offsetting carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Embrace Sustainable Transportation: Where possible, encourage guests to carpool or arrange for eco-friendly transportation options to reduce emissions associated with travel to and from the wedding venue. It’s worth noting that Flowerdale Estate’s wedding coordinators have a helpful supplier list with local drivers, buses, and any vendor you may require during the wedding day. This list comprises videographers, celebrants, photographers, florists, hair and makeup artists, etc. When you choose to work with these local vendors, you reduce travel and related emissions.
  • Embrace natural or recycled products: Opt for sustainable items, recycled paper invitations, or potted plants. The goal is to reduce waste and promote eco-conscious choices throughout the wedding celebration.

Planning Your Eco-Wedding at Flowerdale Estate


At Flowerdale Estate, couples can craft their dream wedding with a personalised touch tailored to their unique vision and preferences. Before picking a spot, you can embark on a guided tour of the estate to explore the available ceremony locations, reception spaces, accommodations, and recreational facilities.

Something to note is that the estate features four atmospheric settings for ceremonies, including a garden lawn, grand central oak, lakeside locale, and a spot near King Parrot Creek surrounded by native flora. Regardless of the venue you choose, Flowerdale Estate offers a postcard-worthy backdrop grounded in nature. These environmentally friendly venue options highlight the estate’s commitment to sustainability while providing couples with a magical and romantic setting to tie the knot.

Personalised Planning for Sustainability

There are several aspects of the wedding that you can personalise to make the occasion not only memorable but also eco-friendly. One is by prioritising customisable food and beverage packages, from cocktails and intimate meals to lavish sit-down affairs.

You and your guests will also enjoy a personalised reception and dining experience in the service of executive chef Dominic Grundy. You can always communicate your preferences in advance, such as the need to prioritise seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Another step you can take is to implement a waste management plan, which ensures minimal environmental impact throughout the day. 

Eco-Friendly Accommodations for Guests

At Flowerdale Estate, the reception space is architecturally designed with modern country details. The Pavilion, for instance, features large oak entrance doors and heated concrete floors, which blend elegance with eco-consciousness. The indoor-outdoor layout within the reception area accommodates up to 180 guests. 

Flowerdale Estate also offers a range of accommodation options. These include The North and Garden Suites located within the homestead, Estate King rooms, The Guesthouse, and eco-friendly glamping tents.

Flowerdale_Estate_Luxury Glamping Eco Tent - Echidna

The North Suite is ideal for the newlyweds, thanks to the well-furnished interiors, wooden floors and a contemporary four-poster bed. All the accommodation options prioritise luxury and comfort, catering to various preferences and group sizes while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

Guests can also choose to stay in one of the 24 Estate King rooms or in The Guesthouse, which features four bedrooms and can accommodate up to nine individuals. The glamping tents are four in number. They offer a luxurious stay in nature and accommodate one couple per tent.

bridal suite

If the newlyweds or the guests wish to extend the celebration, they can arrange for pre-wedding or post-wedding events such as BBQs, twilight picnics, or formal dinners. These events provide opportunities for couples to create lasting memories in a relaxed and environmentally conscious setting. Flowerdale Estate also encourages travellers to embrace the eco-friendly ethos, ensuring a memorable and sustainable wedding experience for all.

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Book Your Spot Today!

Now that you know how and what it takes to have a sustainable wedding, you can comfortably reserve your spot at Flowerdale Estate. Choose your ideal setting from any of the four locations to commemorate that perfect celebration of love and commitment. Every aspect of your wedding, from the reception to onsite accommodation, promises an unforgettable union of elegance and sustainability.